About Us


Sun Fun Kits was started in February 2021 to address the need for more options in the growing Lithium Battery Recreation Market. Like many startups, Sun Fun Kits and its staff grew from hobbyists tinkering with emerging technology to making viable commercial products with an emphasis on addressing an underserved part of the market: DIY Battery Kits.


While the cost of lithium batteries has dropped significantly since its commercial introduction in the mid 90s, it has still not achieved price parity with lead acid/agm style products. Newer options such as prismatic cells have decreased this gap, however, the current available commercial ready made lithium batteries are quite expensive and are not serviceable or modifiable; this leads to potential problems when internal IC components fail rendering the battery inoperable.


Our company intends to address these concerns by offering customers the choice of DIY kits that can be serviced, upgraded, or modified while also offering ready made products that retain these same characteristics. 


Using the latest manufacturing technologies such as 3d printing, Sun Fun Kits can quickly adjust manufacturing to support various cell manufacturers and BMS devices giving our users the choice that has been missing from the current battery market. We are also able to get feedback form our users and make adjustments in real time to our product offerings.


Our Mission is to make the transission to lithium technology easier by giving our customers options, and the freedom to customize products to their needs while also maintaining high reliability and transparency about our manufacturing processes.