Jasonoid LLC Reviews the SFK-275EX Battery

  • Capacity Test: 296 Amp-hours / 3.78 kWatt-hours

The 275EX is an affordable high quality battery with industry leading features, Jason tests the battery out and sees how it compares to other batteries on the market.

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Average Joe Compares Grade A cells Vs Grade B Cells (Rept 280)

  • Capacity Test & Labels: 297 Amp-hours / 952 Watt-hours

Many cells sold by online vendors are not what they claim to be, see here as Alibaba “Grade A” compares to Genuine Grade A cells from Sun Fun Kits.

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Reewray Outdoors Reviews the SFK-300HP

  • Capacity Measured: 4173 Watt-hours / 321 Amp-hours
  • Discharge Rate: 180 watts

ReeWray Outdoors puts the SFK-300HP battery through its paces and tests the load capacity, watt/amp hour capacity as well as the smart features and temperature protection.


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Brad Cagle reviews the V4 Standard Edition

  • Capacity Measured: 3873 Watt-hours / 298 Amp-hours
  • Discharge Rate: 1050 watts

The SFK standard edition is a nice affordable battery kit that provides low & high temperature protection, smart bluetooth connectivity, and great capacity in a small & lightweight case.

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Roll2Videos tries out the Manual Heat Switch

Roll2Videos tries out the manual heating functionality of the SFK-300HP and V4 Heated Kits.

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Nate’s Diy Builds the SFK Standard Edition with Heating Pads

Nate’s Diy builds the v4 Standard Kit with heatings Pads along with the JK200 BMS.


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Freely Roaming Builds the V3.5 Kit

Freely Roaming’s Dan builds the V3.5 Kits (now updated to the v4).


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Andy from TheOffgridGarage Builds the SFK V3 Kit

Andy builds the V3 kit and explores the different options for BMS units available, This is a long video so enjoy. NOTE: The V3 kit has been discontinued and been replaced by the V4 kit.

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LithiumSolar review’s the SFK V1/V2 Kit

  • Capacity Measured: 3601 Watt-hours / 286 Amp-hours
  • Discharge Rate: 600 watts

One of the very first reviews for our kits, LithiumSolar reviewed the V1/V2 version of our kits and the EVE 280 cells. These kits have been discontinued and replaced with the V4 version, but it's good to show where we were 2 years ago and where we are now.

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