Sun Fun Kits 150A 4s Lithium BMS w/Bluetooth

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The Sun Fun Kits 150A 4s (12v) Lithium BMS is a kit ready battery management device that can be used to make your own battery packs. This is the same BMS used in our ready made batteries and is the perfered option for our battery kits (compatible with all V1 and V2 kits).


The BMS includes professionally crimped wires cut to the correct lenght for the Blancer, positive, and negative terminals. Tinned pure copper lugs are matched to fit battery terminals and posts which makes install in battery packs a breeze. No special tools needed, just a standard screw driver.


The wiring harness is designed to fit our DIY kits and now feature silicone wires for the terminals and welding cable for battery to BMS.


Sun Fun Kits have also created IOS and Android compainion apps that are compatible with the SFK-BMS-150-4S and allow users to monitor battery operations as well as turn off charging/discharging when the battery is to be used in storage.

  • 150 Amp continous operation capabale (discharge).
  • 80 Amp charge rate.
  • Up to 2 kilowatts of peak power.
  • Fully compatible with Lithium Iron Phostphate chemistry and will work with existing 12v infrastructure including standard 12v lead acid/agm battery chargers, trickle chargers.
  • Can be connected in serties up to 4 units (48v) (when linked in series with 4 batteries).
  • Smart phone/device compatible with Bluetooth monitoring/configurable app. Available for IOS/Android.
  • Automatic low temperature (32 degree fahrenheit) and low voltage cut-off (can be adjusted, default is set to 2.6v/cell) to stop battery damage from occurring.
  • Automatic short circuit prevention as well as over charge and over discharge prevention.
GTIN 00850036385042
Shipping Availability 1 Day
Manufacturer JBD
Battery Specs
Cells 4
Voltage 10-48v
Max Discharge (Amps) 150
Max Charge (Amps) 80
Balance Capacity (mAH) 1200
Terminal Studs M6 , M8
Cable Specs
Wire Gauge 22 Awg w/6MM ring terminals , 6 Awg Negative Lugs , 6 Awg Dual Positive Lugs
Physical Specs
Item Weight 1 Lb
General Information
Country of Origin China , Made in USA with Domestic & Globally Sourced Components
Service and Support Service & Repairs in USA
Warranty 2 Year 12/24
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