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Cell Capacity (AH)

Cell Capacity (AH)

Max Discharge (Amps)

Max Discharge (Amps)



Battery Terminal

Battery Terminal

SFK High Amp Terminal (300-500 Amps),Standard Button Terminal (200 Amps),EVE Dual Pole Terminal (300 Amps)

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48 cell official EVE certified cells pallet automotive grade LF304 cells! Available both locally with in the Baton Rouge distribution warehouse or via DDP Shipping to the mainland USA & Canada only (all taxes and import duties paid), arrival time is between 45-60 days.


Sun Fun Kits proudly presents certified automotive grade cells for DIY projects and custom battery packs. These cells are certified by the manufacture and have been individually tested and matched for use in battery builds, projects, vehicle electrification and other projects requiring reliable DC power. Each cells lists is manufacturer test capacity at the time of cell construction, the Internal Resistance as well as resting voltage before and after the test. Sun Fun Kits provides a 2 year warranty on each cell (12 months full replacement, and 12 months of pro-rated).


EVE Lithium LF304 cells are next generation LIFEpo4 prismatic cells that can be used in various applications from automotive, backup power, energy storage and other uses where reliable DC power is needed. These are the same cells used in our ready made batteries and kits and are available directly from Sun Fun Kits for DIY projects. You may also add these to your kit order if you would like to create your own battery kit.


Please note: These batteries will require balancing and matching before they can be used in a battery pack, buyers of loose cells should be aware of the technical expertise needed to assemble a battery pack. We also recommend the use of supplemental resistance and or active balancers to ensure cells have equal charge.


All batteries have been load & capacity tested to ensure they meet manufacturer specifications of 310 AH (+/- 5 AH) and will have between 304 AH to 323 AH of available capacity while under a .2C discharge load at STP at 3.2v nominal.  The LF304 variant is offered with a laser welded stainless steel studs using our high amp V-2 adapter rated for 300 amp continuous and 500 amp burst.


Shipping Availability Over 1 Month
GTIN 00850036385158
HS Tariff Code 8507
Manufacturer Sun fun Kits
Battery Specs
Chemistry LifePo4 (lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Terminal SFK High Amp Terminal (300-500 Amps) , Standard Button Terminal (200 Amps) , EVE Dual Pole Terminal (300 Amps)
Certification Standard UL 1642 , GB/T 31485-2015 , UL 2580
Cell Bus Bar Rigid Copper Nickle Plated Bus Bars (2.00 mm) , Flexible Multi-Layer Copper with Nickle Outer Layers (2.2 mm)
Continuous Discharge (Watts) 304
Cells 48
Voltage 3.2
Cell Capacity (AH) 304
Max Discharge (Amps) 250 , 304 , 500
Max Charge (Amps) 150
Construction Material Aluminum, ABS
Battery Weight (Lbs) 11.5
Terminal Studs M6 , Steel Welded , 300 amp continuous , 500 amp burst
Physical Specs
Max Cell Height 204 MM
Item Weight 5.5 KG
Height 200 MM
Width 72 MM
Length 174 MM
General Information
Warehouse Location International Warehouse
Country of Origin China
Service and Support USA through Sun Fun Kits
Warranty 2 Year 12/24 , Sun Fun Kits USA Warranty
Kit Configurator
Cell Separator .5 , 1.0 , 1.5
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