SFK V4 Standard + Heating w/150AMP BMS w/Bluetooth Ready to Build

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Data Port

Data Port

Add RS-485 Data port (RJ45)
Certified Cells
Chose between Certified cells from SFK or use your own.

Cell Type:
Cell Type
All SFK Provided cells have individual test reports printed on each cell.
Kit Options

Lid Color:
Lid Color
Select lid color (may be substituted based on available stock):
Cell Separator:
Cell Separator
V4 Standard Kits Cell Shims 1.0 mm are included at no charge.
Can be used on any cell, a bit easier to install than the 1.5mm shims.
Recommended for Grade A cells and CATL cells that are narrower may prefer the 1.5mm shims.
Heated Enclosure:
Heated Enclosure
Choose between heating pads installed on the side, or in between your cells. Generally the sidewall heating is a bit easier to install, but both options will sufficiently warm up your battery.
I/O Switch:
I/O Switch
This is the included switch and allows you to turn on heating even when your battery is idle or when you are discharging. 5 heating modes 3 heat levels & 2 timer modes (auto shut-off after 12 or 24 hours).
Assembly Options:
Assembly Options
Data Port:
Data Port
A hard-link option to view BMS data, use this to integrate with popular Inverters using devices such as Solar-Assistant, or the upcoming SFK HUB. This will upgrade the BMS to the RS485 version as well.
SFK Data Cable:
SFK Data Cable
This cable is required for communication to to inverters, computers, and devices like the Victron Cerbo GX/S. The cable requires the RS485 port on the battery.
The length is about 9 feet.

Lithium Charger:
Lithium Charger
The SFK-PS-400 is a great choice for a plug in charger, it will fully charge your battery to its upper limit of 14.4 volts in about 12 hours and is designed for LifePo4 chemistries.
400 Watt / 30 Amp
Add Jacket:
Add Jacket
Excellent combination with the external switch option for full time use in the cold.
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This is the V4 Standard + Heating   complete ready to build combo KIT that includes all recommend components to build your DIY battery Kit. Available with cells by EVE Lithium, or RUIPI REPT, or bring your own and use our kit. The kit also includes the Sun Fun Kits 150A V2 BMS ( with 4S - 48V capability and high and low temperature protection), 6 feet of high quality 6 gauge silicone wire, the SFK battery case, and a supplementary active balancing circuit. 

The V4 Standard + Heating version includes an external switch that has 5 heating modes; 3 temperature modes & 2 timer modes (12 hour and 24) this allows you to heat and keep your batteries warm regardless if they are being charged, discharged, or at idle. The SFK 150amp BMS also features high and low temperature protection to prevent cell damage as well as bluetooth functionality to allow users to set bms parameters.

Version 4 kits include a 3mm / 1/8" Garolite FR4 Fiberglass mounting plate for increase heat management and strength.

Version 4 makes installs easier and supports new cell separator shims to make your install bespoke and easier than ever before. The ultimate DIY kit for all hot & cold environments!

All Kits are built in the USA using domestic and globally sourced components and come with your standard 2 year limited warranty on the BMS & CASE.

Shipping Availability 1 Day
GTIN 00850036385219
Manufacturer Sun Fun Kits
Battery Specs
Certification Standard GB/T 31485-2015
Data Port Add RS-485 Data port (RJ45)
Cell Compatibility EVE LF280K , EVE LF280N , EVE LF304 , CATL 302 , CATL 280 , REPT 280 , REPT 302 , Lishen 272
Cells 4S
Construction Material ABS, Aluminum, PLA
Terminal Studs M8
Cable Specs
Wire Gauge 2 AWG , 6 AWG
Physical Specs
Max Cell Height 204 MM
Item Weight 57 lbs (all components) , 25.8 KG
Height 260 MM , 10.6 Inch , 13 Inch including Terminal Stud
Width 180 MM , 7.5 Inch
Length 345 MM , 13.6 Inch , 14.6 Inch / 371 MM Including handles
Inside Dimensions 335 L x 180 W x 215 H (MM) , 13.2 L x 7.0 W x 8.4 H (Inch) , Tapered Dimensions
Kit Configurator
Cell Type Use you own cells , REPT 280 Endurance Cells (6000 Cycles) , EVE 280K V3 ESS Endurance (6000 Cycles) , EVE LF304 - High Performance Cells (3000 Cycles)
Cell Separator 1.0 , 1.5
Lid Color Black Lid , Yellow Lid
General Information
Country of Origin USA , China
Warranty 2 Year 12/24
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