SFK-260EX 12v 3.4KW / 260AH Extended Cycle LFP Smart Self Heating Battery

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Max Discharge (Amps)

Max Discharge (Amps)

Battery Capacity (AH)

Battery Capacity (AH)



Cycle Life

Cycle Life

6000 Cycles at 80% D.O.D.

Lithium Charger:
Lithium Charger
The SFK-330 is a 23 amp charger and can charge your battery from 0% to 100% in about 12 hours (overnight).
Add Jacket:
Add Jacket
Battery Cable Kit:
Battery Cable Kit
Great way to add a quick disconnect to your battery, rated for up to 175A.
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  • Extended Cycle life of up to 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.
  • 3.4 kilowatt hours of reliable lithium power, replaces up to 5 lead acid / agm batteries (100ah) and is designed to be discharged to 100% of available capacity without harm to the battery.
  • Up to 2.4 kilowatts of peak power, and 1500 watts of continuous power.
  • Expected cycle life of 6000 cycles at 80% DOD, and up to 8000 cycles at 50% DOD, 12-15 year usage life.
  • Fully compatible with existing 12v infrastructure including standard 12v lead acid/agm battery chargers, trickle chargers and high voltage DC systems up to 48v (when linked in series with 4 batteries).
  • Built-in cell heaters to allow for low temperature charging, temperature to activate heaters can be set inside the app.
  • Manual Heating Switch with 5 modes to allow for standby heating. 
  • Removable sealant applied to tounge & grove to improve thermal stability.
  • Smart phone/device compatible with Bluetooth monitoring/configurable app. Available for IOS/Android.
  • Can be linked in series up to 48v (4 batteries in series) as well as up to 4 in parallel with a combined output of 3.0 KW continuous.
  • Automatic low/high temperature and low/high voltage cut-off to stop battery damage from occurring.
  • Automatic short circuit prevention as well as over charge and over discharge prevention.
Recommended Uses

  • Use in RVs as a 12-48 volt power source, or as part of an inverter bank to provide standby power
  • Use in solar panel installs as a power source for storing power
  • Use in troller motor applications for boats (requires ensuring that the battery is isolated and protected from water intrusion)
  • Use in Golf Carts or other small electric vehicles that have amperage governors (care must be taken to ensure that the batters are protected from water intrusion)
  • As a DC power source for power supplies and other items needing DC power
  • Use in DC to AC inverters where standby / backup power is needed such as data centers, or residential power sources.

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GTIN 00850036385240
Manufacturer Sun Fun Kits
Battery Specs
Chemistry LifePo4 (lithium Iron Phosphate)
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles at 80% D.O.D.
Continuous Discharge (Watts) 1500
Cells 4
Battery Capacity (AH) 260
Voltage 12.8 , 13.0 , 13.6
Watt Hour Capacity (kWh) 3.4
Max Discharge (Amps) 200
Max Charge (Amps) 80 , 160
Construction Material ABS, Aluminum, PCB
Battery Weight (Lbs) 60 , 57.8
Balance Capacity (AH) 5200
Terminal Studs M8
Physical Specs
Item Weight 57.7
Height 11.6 Inch , 290 MM , 10.6 Inch Without Terminal Screws
Width 180 MM , 7.5 Inch
Length 345 MM , 13.6 Inch , 14.6 Inch / 371 MM Including handles
General Information
Country of Origin Made in USA with Domestic & Globally Sourced Components , USA , China
Service and Support Serviced, Repairs in USA
Warranty 8 Year 60/96 Month Warranty
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