SFK V4 12v Basic Kit+ Heating

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BMS Mounting Tray
V4 Kits include a 3mm thick machined fiberglass base & aluminum stand-offs.

BMS Mounting Tray:
BMS Mounting Tray
Kit Upgrades

Lid Color:
Lid Color
Select your color preference (note color may be substituted based on available stock) :
Select Balancing Circuit:
Heated Enclosure:
Heated Enclosure
Choose between heating pads installed on the side, or in between your cells. Generally the sidewall heating is a bit easier to install, but both options will sufficiently warm up your battery.
Can work with either lid.
Available for black lids only
I/O Switch:
I/O Switch
Enable heating for any BMS or add standby heating to BMS that already have heating ports.
Great way to add heating to your kit and run the heating pads. Enables standby heating and has 5 heating modes.
Select this option if your bms has a heating port or if you are using your own heat pad driver.

Bus Bars:
Bus Bars
Add Cables:
Add Cables
Add Charger:
Add Charger
Add Disconnect Switch:
Add Disconnect Switch
Add Jacket:
Add Jacket
Works great to maximize heating efficiency
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Configuration Price: $225.00

This is DIY / BYOD (Bring your own device) SFK 12v V4 Basic kit + Heating that includes the basic components to build your DIY battery Kit as well as Heating components to keep your battery warm. You can now add heating to any BMS! It includes our v4 case, cells pacers, 5 feet of ultra flexible silicone cable (20" inch of each red / black / blue), robust 3mm thick fiberglass BMS base, CNC machined 4mm threaded stand-offs,  your choice of side-wall or in between heating pads, our optional 5 Mode Heating Switch, as well as colored 6mm BMS balancing lugs and common accessories needed for your build.

Version 4 makes installs easier and supports new cell separator shims to make your install bespoke and easier than ever before.  All Kits are built in the USA using domestic and globally sourced components and come with your standard 2 year limited warranty on the BMS & CASE.

The V4 Basic + Heating version allows you to build a battery kit that can withstand the harsh cold winters and keep your battery performing optimally. The 5 mode SFK switch will allow you to keep the battery warm even during standby or charging which can enhance your cold weather experience as now not only can you have automatic low temperature charging heating (for bms units that support heating) but also standby heating. Consider adding our insulated jacket for maximum protection.

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GTIN 00850036385134
Manufacturer Sun Fun Kits
Battery Specs
Cell Compatibility EVE LF280K , EVE LF280N , EVE LF304 , REPT 280 , REPT 302 , CATL 280 , CATL 302 , Lishen 272 , CALB 280 , CALB 305 , Ganfeng 280 , ETC 277 , ENVISION 305 , Hithium 280
Construction Material ABS, Aluminum, PLA
Terminal Studs M8
Kit Configurator
Cell Separator 1.0 , 1.5
Lid Color Black Lid , Yellow Lid
Select Balancing Circuit Use built in BMS balancer / No Balancer Needed , 5 Amp Active Balancer w/Lugs , 1.2 Amp Passive Balancer
General Information
Country of Origin USA , China
Service and Support USA through Sun Fun Kits
Warranty 2 Year 12/24
Physical Specs
Height 260 MM , 10.6 Inch , 13 Inch including Terminal Stud
Width 180 MM , 7.5 Inch
Length 345 MM , 13.6 Inch , 14.6 Inch / 371 MM Including handles
Inside Dimensions 335 L x 180 W x 215 H (MM) , 13.2 L x 7.0 W x 8.4 H (Inch) , Tapered Dimensions
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