12v Side-wall Silicone Rubber Heating Pads for Prismatic Cells (270 - 304 AH)

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Max Discharge (Amps)

Max Discharge (Amps)



Single or Twin Pads
Twin Pads are recommended for every 4 cells.

Twin Pads:
Heat Switch Driver

I/O Switch:
This heat switch will allow you to enter temperature settings to turn on/off your heating pads. It provides enough power to run 2 pads.
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Configuration Price: $44.00

Sun Fun Kits DIY Silicone Rubber Heating pads are an excellent option for DIY builds looking to add heating to prismatic cells. Made with durable silicone rubber material with nichrome wire heating elements, these pads can easily attach to your prismatic cells using the adhesive backing and will provide reliable heating to your cells. Coupled with a heating switch driver, you can create a heating system  that will turn on when the temperatures is low but will turn off as the temperature rises. We recommend 2 heating pads per 4 cells for best results.

  • Durable Silicone Rubber Construction
  • Adhesive backing on 1 side for easy install directly on to prismatic cells
  • 18 AWG main power wires 18" long (45 cm)
  • Provides up to 50 watts of heating, works great in a pair and can provide up to 100 watts of power
  • Working voltage is  between 9-15 volts
  • 12v heating system compatible with most lithium & lead acid batteries.


Recommended Uses

  • Use in extreme cold environments
  • Use in high moister/wet environments
  • Works great with all SFK batteriy kits or other diy projects.

Shipping Availability 1 Day
Start Date 10/23/2022
GTIN 00850036385165
Manufacturer Sun Fun Kits
Battery Specs
Voltage 12 , 13.6 , 14.4
Max Discharge (Amps) 5
Construction Material Silicone Rubber , Nichrome Wire
Cable Specs
Wire Gauge 18 Awg
General Information
Twin Pads Single Pad , Twin Pads
Country of Origin China
Service and Support USA through Sun Fun Kits
Warranty 2 Year 12/24
Physical Specs
Height 120 mm
Width 3mm
Length 17 inch
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