Version 7.X App (275EX & 300HP) updates and estimated release.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Version 7.X is scheduled to be released soon and the newest versions of the 275EX and 300HP will have the option to use the latest firmware as well as the option for the GEN2 B switch. Users now have access to new options:

  • Set Maximum State of Charge of the battery from 80%-100%
  • Set Minimum State of Charge of the battery from 0%-20%
  • Set Heating Mode: Low Temp Charging / Standby Heating / Disable Heating and use Low Temp Protection Only
  • Heater Pad Test options to test heating pad functionality
  • New BMS Alerts showing if State of Charge Limit has reached as well as any time heating pads are turned on
  • Updated option to show MCU ID, this is a unique ID / BMS in the about tab
  • Updated interface to show new features in both single and multi-view.

We expect to have this version released in July 2024.