SFK-275EX 12v 275 AH 3.6 kWh Endurance Dual Heat Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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Max Discharge (Amps)

Max Discharge (Amps)

Battery Capacity (AH)

Battery Capacity (AH)



Cycle Life

Cycle Life

6000 Cycles at 80% D.O.D.
Data Port

Data Port

RS485 Data Port
Heating System

Heating System

Auto & Manual
Battery Upgrades

I/O Switch:
I/O Switch
The GEN2 Switch which adds the ability to turn on/off Bluetooth, fully control the active balance (Always on, only on when battery is near full, or disable the active balancer). Simplified standby heating (around 65 degrees) with a button press.
Data Port:
Data Port
This RS485 (half duplex) connection will allow you to get BMS data from your battery. Up to 16 batteries can be connected via the upcoming SFK HUB.
SFK Data Cable:
SFK Data Cable
This cable is required for communication to to inverters, computers, and devices like the Victron Cerbo GX/S. The cable requires the RS485 port on the battery.

Battery Cable Kit:
Great way to add a quick disconnect to your battery, rated for up to 175A.
Lithium Charger:
Lithium Charger
The SFK-400 is a 30 amp charger and can charge your battery from 0% to 100% in about 10 hours (overnight).
Add Jacket:
Add Jacket
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Sun Fun Kits presents: The SFK-275EX Self heated lithium iron phosphate battery! Yes one of the lightest and most energy dense LFP battery on the market that also features built in heating elements for low temperature charging, a 200A bms, support for 4s series (48v) connections, and an easy to use smart app that allows you to monitor a single or up to 4 batteries simultaneously!


Built with certified automotive grade and ESS cells with complete manufacturer test reports, you will love the reliability of EV class cells that will stay in balance, hold voltage during heavy loads, and also have the power to output up to 2400 watts to power up even the most demanding of devices.


The SFK-275EX is hand built by Sun Fun Kits technicians in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is built to order. This battery uses components from the United Sates, China and India and has gone through a complete balance, capacity and load test to ensure it is built to industry standards. Your battery comes ready to use and we recommend you review the user guide on how to get the optimum performance and longevity of your unit.


The SFK-275EX battery may be used anywhere typical deep cycle lead acid/agm/flooded batteries are used and does not require special charging equipment as they have built in circuitry that ensures proper charging and discharging.

  • 3.6 kiloWatt hours of reliable lithium power, replaces up to 6 lead acid / agm batteries (100ah) and is designed to be discharged to 100% of available capacity without harm to the battery.
  • Up to 2.4 kilowatts of peak power, and 1500 watts of continuous power.
  • Expected cycle life of 6000 cycles at 80% DOD, and up to 8000 cycles at 50% DOD, 10-15 year usage life.
  • Fully compatible with existing 12v infrastructure including standard 12v lead acid/agm battery chargers, trickle chargers and high voltage DC systems up to 48v (when linked in series with 4 batteries).
  • Built-in cell heaters to allow for low temperature charging, temperature to activate heaters can be set inside the app.
  • Smart phone/device compatible with Bluetooth monitoring/configurable app. Available for IOS/Android.
  • Can be linked in series up to 48v (4 batteries in series) as well as up to 4 in parallel with a combined output of 6.0 KW continuous.
  • Automatic low/high temperature and low/high voltage cut-off to stop battery damage from occurring.
  • Dual Heating Modes in either Standby or Automatic when charging under low temperature.
  • Automatic short circuit prevention as well as over charge and over discharge prevention.

The SFK-275EX is a fantastic all weather battery and is rated for up to 6000 cycles it is available with the GEN2 Switch, RS-485 data port, Victron Communication, and dual heating modes (automatic & manual).

Recommended Uses

  • Use in RVs as a 12-48 volt power source, or as part of an inverter bank to provide standby power
  • Use in solar panel installs as a power source for storing power
  • Use in troller motor applications for boats (requires ensuring that the battery is isolated and protected from water intrusion)
  • Use in Golf Carts or other small electric vehicles that have amperage governors (care must be taken to ensure that the batters are protected from water intrusion)
  • As a DC power source for power supplies and other items needing DC power
  • Use in DC to AC inverters where standby / backup power is needed such as data centers, or residential power sources.

Shipping Availability 2 to 3 Days
GTIN 00850036385202
Manufacturer Sun Fun Kits
Battery Specs
Chemistry LifePo4 (lithium Iron Phosphate)
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles at 80% D.O.D.
Data Port RS485 Data Port
Certification Standard UL 1642 , UL 1973 (Cells)
Heating System Auto & Manual
Continuous Discharge (Watts) 1500
Cells 4
Battery Capacity (AH) 275
Voltage 12.8 , 13.0 , 13.6
Watt Hour Capacity (kWh) 3.6
Max Discharge (Amps) 200
Max Charge (Amps) 160
Construction Material ABS, Aluminum, PCB
Battery Weight (Lbs) 60 , 57.8
Balance Capacity (AH) 5200
Terminal Studs M8
Physical Specs
Item Weight 57.7
Height 11.6 Inch , 290 MM , 10.6 Inch Without Terminal Screws
Width 180 MM , 7.5 Inch
Length 345 MM , 13.6 Inch , 14.6 Inch / 371 MM Including handles
General Information
Country of Origin USA , China
Service and Support Serviced, Repairs in USA
Warranty 8 Year 60/96 Month Warranty
Customer Review