New Firmware for SFK-275EX & SFK-300HP coming in version 7.1!

Thursday, June 13, 2024

New firmware for SFK-275EX & SFK-300HP will be adding new features that customers have been asking for! This will be available with version 7.1 of the app and it requires the dataport and sfk data cable to perform the update. If you don't have the data port, we will provide you with another option that will allow you to update the firmware by using the UART port of the BMS (this will come later in mid August). 


State of charge limits:

Users can now set the  upper & lower state of charge limits on there device, this has been a highly requested feature as many users wanted to keep 10-20% capacity in reserve. Other customers has also asked for an upper limit such as charging to 80% when the device is being used in long term storage. NOTE: this is based on the state of charge of the device and NOT voltage.


Heating mode selection from with in the app:

Currently the SFK-275EX and SFK-300HP have he option of the GEN2 switch which allows users to add standby heating to there battery, however, many have said why is this not in the app, in other words why can we not change between low temp charging and standby heating form with in the app? Some have asked can we disable this feature altogether? Well we heard you loud and clear and now you can select between 3 heating modes: Low Temp Charging / Standy Heating / Disabled or Low Temp Charge Protection! You can also select at which temperature the bms will engage the heating mode.

Version 7.1 is expected to be released in mid July. With this change we will also be changing the I/O switch to the GEN 2 B on the 275EX and 300HP as the standby heating button will no longer be needed. The GEN 2 B switch instead has a temperature monitoring function that can provide you with a visual reference of the internal temperature of your battery.